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OK Projekt & Verwaltung Ltd.

OK Projekt und Verwaltung GmbH is a real estate trust company and consulting firm.
The goal of OK Projekt und Verwaltung GmbH is to accompany you professionally from the beginning to the end in the realization of your real estate dreams and projects.
Our clients benefit from decades of market experience and expertise of our team of experts.
We therefore guarantee you a first-class all-round service and we have a unique selling point in the area of extra services, which goes beyond the usual!
Furthermore, we have specialized in offering our foreign buyers the possibility of access to our exclusive luxury properties and to get everything from one source.
Basically every -also foreign- natural or legal person (company, foundation, cooperative, association) can acquire real estate in Austria.
When buying real estate in Austria, several aspects have to be considered until the final acquisition of ownership, such as clarification of the provisions of the Land Transfer Act at the competent land transfer authority of the respective province, conclusion of a purchase contract and registration in the land register.
Our team of experts will guide you through all of this.

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Kontakt: Immobilien/Real Estate   Kontakt: Webdesign 

Weitental 34,
A- 3295 Lackenhof

+43 676 688 1242

Alexander Kühhas

+43 676 66 11 510

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