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OK Projekt & Verwaltung Ltd.

The OK Projekt und Verwaltung GmbH is not only a leading real estate trust company and consulting firm but also has years of experience in the digital world. Our primary goal is to professionally accompany you in realizing your real estate dreams and projects from start to finish, using state-of-the-art, tailor-made software solutions to ensure this. With a focus on clear communication, future security, and cost efficiency, we strategically implement digital visions into practice.

Our clients benefit from decades of market experience and our team's expertise. We guarantee top-notch comprehensive services and possess a unique selling point in the realm of extra services. Moreover, we specialize in offering our foreign buyers exclusive access to luxury real estate – all from a single source.

Whether you are a domestic or foreign individual or legal entity, acquiring real estate in Austria can be complex. From clarifying the provisions of the Land Transfer Act to registration in the land register – you are accompanied by our team of experts at every step. Let's together bring your real estate dreams and digital projects to life!

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